Friday, November 13, 2009

Georgia On My Mind!

Just had to dip my toes in the Atlantic this morning before heading out to pick Glenn up!

Glenn enjoyed his ride today....through marshlands, along the coast and on a ferry across the St. Johns River on his way south to St. Augustine.  The ferry ride was a bargain for him....only $1.00 while I paid $5.00 for the car.   A first on this ride happened on the ferry.   A man, who had noticed Glenn on the road, asked where he was going and what he was doing.  When Glenn explained about his ride for I Care I Cure, the man went back to his car and returned with a $20 bill as his donation!  What an incredible gesture from a stranger!     One thing that stands out to Glenn as an avid Georgia cyclist is the fact that so many of the roads in Florida are bike-friendly.   The Bike Lane signs are everywhere and make riding much more pleasant for the bikers and easier for those in cars!   Thanks Florida!   Glenn made it to St. Augustine about 30 minutes before I could get there so he had some time to stroll (with his bike and in his bike attire) around the historical town.  We had been there 34 years ago and had fond memories of the place!   When I arrived, we finally, for the first time, had a nice lunch together in a real restaurant - not just peanut butter sandwiches in the front seat of the car! 

This note is for Benji, our 3 1/2 year old grandson!  "On his biking adventure Pa saw an armadillo, a raccoon, a snake, a turtle, a frog, an opposum and birds but no fish!"

After lunch, Glenn was feeling great and the weather was incredible so he decided to finish the last leg today!   That's right....he is all done as you can see in the photos and video below!  Sorry about the quality of the video....I couldn't get out of the car so it is zoomed from afar!  The border between Florida and Georgia is the St. Mary's River.....Here he comes across the bridge!   Sadly, there was no Welcome to Georgia sign but we were able to say good bye and hello to Florida since we are back in Amelia Island for another relaxing night.   Today Glenn rode 78.8 miles today to complete the ride from Key West at Mile O to Georgia!    Check back tomorrow for a final update!   I think I may go into Blog withdrawal when I have no more news to report!


Here is a challenge for you!   The first blog reader to correctly add up the total number of miles ridden by Glenn this week as documented in the blogs gets an I Care I Cure I Cycle shirt as a prize!    Send us an email as soon as you have the total.   Email us at!


This has been an amazing journey.  The last mile was emotional for Glenn not only because he was completing this great physical challenge but because it gave him the opportunity to think about our nephew, Ian. His favorite memory of Ian is their baseball catches in the backyard.  This effort was dedicated to Ian's memory and he will always be remembered and loved by Aunt Lynn and Uncle Glenn.   In supporting I Care I Cure, we hope that we can help prevent other children from suffering as Ian did from the ravages of Chemo therapy.   With your donations, research will continue toward this goal!   Thanks so much!

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