Friday, November 6, 2009

Key West - Here We Come!

After spending last night in Lake City, Florida, we headed out by car early this AM with Key West as our destination.   We made such good time that we managed to get to Davie in time for lunch with Lynn's sister, Beth.  Her husband, Brad and son, Noah, popped in for a photo op too.  Beth and Brad are the founders of I Care I Cure and they are thrilled to have Glenn doing this ride to benefit the foundation.   After lunch, we pressed on toward Key West, enjoying the scenery as we traveled on Route 1 through the MANY Keys.   We had great tailwinds today.....Glenn is hoping for the same tomorrow as he pedals from Key West toward Key Largo.   We arrived in Key West in plenty of time for a great dinner at an outdoor cafe on Duval Street....Glenn was sure to consume enough calories to keep him going in the AM!  

Several people have asked how many people are doing this ride with Glenn.  In the past, he has done these long rides in large groups.   When asked how many were riding with him this time, I heard him say, myself and I!   That's right....he is flying solo this time.  He will have his trusty bike GPS and a map to help guide him and I will be on the road somewhere to come to the rescue should bad weather or fatigue hinder his progress.  This will be quite an experience for both of us!  Stay tuned!

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