Friday, October 28, 2011

All's Well That Ends Well!


       Ride 2011 is in the books!   The cows were right.  It started to rain shortly after Glenn took the picture in my earlier post.  A combination of the cool temps, the rain and fatigue after 6 days on the bike helped Glenn to decide to stop riding when I caught up with him.  The 2011 ride ended in Dewitt, VA on Rte 1 which is appropriate because he started the trek in 2009 in Key West on Rte 1……many miles since that day.  This week’s travels exceeded Glenn's expectations despite the fact that he was about 20 miles short of his plan today of reaching Petersburg, VA.    Having reached the VA/NC border yesterday fulfilled the goal for this trip…today was just some whipped cream on top of the sundae!

Gray and dreary as I set out to find Glenn.

Here comes the rain!

Almost to year!

      I suppose Glenn has to come up with topics to think about for those long hours of pedaling.  Today he passed through Brunswick County, VA, where they claim to have originated Brunswick Stew.   Glenn was so sure that Brunswick, GA, also makes that claim that he googled this topic when he got in the car and found that, in fact, there is a controversy about just this thing!   In fact, the stew may have come from Germany…so both Brunswicks might have lost this battle!

      Today Glenn pedaled 46.22 miles in 3 hours and 31 minutes and climbed 2014 feet to complete the 2011 ride!   I added up the number of hours that Glenn rode this week and the total was around 33 1/2 hours.....more than his 32 hour work week!   He also exceeded the medical guidelines for doing 1 hour of exercise per day!  

      The grand total of miles in six days is 507.01.  With my pledge of $5.00 per mile, this brings my donation in honor of Glenn's ride to $2535.05.....enough to become Silver Sponsors for the I Care I Cure....I Run 5 K in Florida on February 12!   

     We’ll add one more wrap up post tomorrow before signing off.    Before we even began this trip, a discussion came up about when we would do the next leg.   I wasn’t ready to hear about the next trip until this one was completed but now we are excited about a new adventure!  Glenn hopes to begin in VA where he left off today and to ride to Ellicott City, MD, where Jill, Shahak, Benji and Evan live arriving in time for Benji’s 6th birthday in May!   He seems to think that will be very close to the half way point on the East Coast Greenway!

Look who I found on the side of the road in Dewitt,VA!

Packing it in for the 2011 ride!

Soup to warm his bones!   One last night in some hotel, somewhere in NC!

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