Friday, October 28, 2011

Dreary Day 6.....Can Glenn Beat the Rain to Petersburg?

 I just received exciting news!   A link to this blog has just been posted on the I Care I Cure website.  See the link for that site on the left side of this page.   Look for Uncle Glenn's Ride!   We are so pleased and proud to be included on the Foundation website!   Every mile pedaled and driven is for Ian!

      What a difference a day can make!  Yesterday Glenn rode off in shorts, no jacket and wearing his sunglasses looking forward to the 78 degree temp expected.   Today he changed his lenses in his glasses - no sun today. He also donned his rain gear, leggings and winter gloves!    He is hoping to ride on Rte. 1 which parallels Rte. 85 to shorten his ride today....the East Coast Greenway route is winding and adds many miles.  When Glenn reaches Petersburg, we'll hop in the car and head south for the night.....hoping to avoid any confrontation with snow!!!!  Check in tonight for the day's details!

Notice that the dark tinted lenses have been replaced.  No sun today!

Rain jacket, leggings and warmer gloves!

And he is off on a dreary Day 6 ride to Petersburg, VA

Glenn just emailed me this photo from the road!
Looks like rain in the forecast...most of the cows are lying down!

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