Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Trails to You until We Meet Again!



     End....Bike Route for 2011.  We'll be in touch when we are off on the next leg......As long as there are miles left to ride north on the East Coast Greenway, Glenn will be planning the next adventure!   Thanks so much for your support and encouragement and for humoring me by following the blog!!!!  We are so happy to be able to donate $2500 to I Care I Cure Childhood Cancer Foundation in honor of Uncle Glenn's 2011 ride!   Until next time....Happy Trails to You!

       We have had had an action packed 24+ hours since I wrote last.     Last night we stayed in Burlington, NC just 2 ½ hours from the point at which Glenn completed his ride.   He relaxed and recuperated a bit before we ventured out to Greensboro, NC to meet an old HS friend of mine, John Stein.  We had a wonderful evening and a delicious dinner at the O’Henry Hotel.  Always great to catch up with childhood friends!

Glenn, Lynn and John Stein in Greensboro, NC

        Today we spent time with our nephew, Sean, a sophomore at Elon University.  What a great campus!  It was fun to see Sean in a college setting.  He seems to love it there and was very proud to show us around.  Of course, lunch was part of the visit and we enjoyed a little place called The Root right near campus. 

Sean Beaty and Uncle Glenn

Fall color on the Elon Campus

Sean and Aunt Lynn

         Our last stop on this trip is a visit with Laurie and Jim, my sister and brother-in-law in Huntersville, NC, just north of Charlotte.  We have been sharing the story of the ride this evening and enjoying their hospitality!   Sure beats the hotels on the road.....we were in so many different ones that finding my way to the bathroom in the dark became increasingly confusing as the week progressed!  

Jim Beaty, Laurie Beaty, Lynn and Glenn out for a nice dinner 

       I have one last stat for this blog....the total number of miles that Glenn has pedaled since leaving Key West, FL in November 2009 is 1355!   Of course, that doesn't include the many, many miles that he rides in Atlanta to train for these East Coast Greenway treks!   Tomorrow, Glenn will head home and back to work on Monday….another adventure ending and real life kicking back in!    As for me, I am heading north to Maryland  tomorrow AM to enjoy lots of Halloween festivities with Benji, 5 ½ and Evan, 2 ¾!   The adventure continues for me for a few more days!  


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