Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another Day....Another Century!

         The "Machine" powers on!   Today Glenn logged 101.9 miles in 6 hours and 31 minutes while climbing 4107 feet!   He rode into the hotel in South Hill, VA with the help of his GPS at 4:40 this afternoon, relieved to be done and happy to have made it to Virginia!   He is very proud to have completed 3 centuries in a row, a new record for him.   Not bad for an old guy!  

          Maybe what made yesterday so good was the pine smell from the abundance of pine trees in that part of NC which reminded him of his youth in the Pine Barrens of NJ!  There weren't as many on today's route.   Today he may have seen his last cotton fields and he enjoyed the rolling hills and farmland more than the towns that he rode through.  He didn't notice any historical markers today so that must have sped up the trip a bit!  He can't resist stopping to read them!   Since I didn't follow Glenn's route today, he was the designated photographer!

The peak of fall colors hasn't arrived here yet but this scene attracted Glenn's attention because of the vivid colors and the water in the background!  His phone takes a pretty good picture!

Glenn and I entered VA at different points but we both felt welcomed and
relieved to have made it to State #5!

This is the John H. Kerr Dam and Reservoir in Boydton, VA.
This 50,000 acre Reservoir with 50,000 acres of land surrounding it is
operated by the US Corp of Army Engineers and is very impressive.

         Our choices for dinner tonight were limited but we almost HAD to go to the Glass House Grill simply because it is on CYCLE LANE!   We opted for Applebee's but passed Cycle Lane on the way to dinner!  At Applebees's the waitress asked what brought us to town and we told her about Glenn biking from Charleston.  She wasn't impressed until we told her he was on a bicycle and not a motorcycle!   She wished us well in a note on the check!

       We were so fortunate to have had the most wonderful weather possible this week.  I know that many of you have had rain and chilly weather this week and it is going to be catching up with us too!  It seems that it will be 47 in the AM tomorrow but instead of enjoying temps in the upper 70's by midday, the high will only be around 52 by the time Glenn gets to Petersburg, VA tomorrow afternoon and the rain will arrive in the early evening!   How lucky are we that the ride will conclude before the front moves in?!  

      Thank you to all who have been following the ride and who have called to check in on me during the day! We couldn't do this without your support!    Check in tomorrow night to see how Glenn fares on his last day of the 2011 ride!


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