Sunday, October 23, 2011

An Early Start on Day 1!

First a 5 hour car ride!
In the Dark


Sunrise on Route 20 East


And we’re off…..After a late night and an early morning we arrived in Charleston just before 11 AM.  Glenn was hoping to be pedaling by noon so he exceeded his expectations on Day 1!   I dropped him off at the gas station that was the final pit stop on the 2010 ride just over the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge.

After he departed, I began a leisurely ride up Route 17 for 59 miles to Georgetown, SC.     Since my room at the hotel was not ready, I ventured into the historic waterfront downtown area....very quaint but also very closed on Sundays!   I did enjoy the Harborwalk on this beautiful afternoon.   Taking photos kept me busy.  Now that I finally have a room at the inn, I can share the photos and the first details of the trip.


Saw this at the Harborwalk. I would much rather follow Glenn by boat!

Hampton Inn in Georgetown, SC.

Not a bad view from the hotel! 
Glenn just arrived at the hotel in Georgetown at 4:10 PM.  Here are today's statistics....Glenn rode 66.3 miles in 4 hr. 5 minutes of riding time.  (More stats tomorrow when his trip computer is working better)  Glenn was amazed by the wildlife he saw today.  He just recounted a story for me.   About 13 miles before reaching Georgetown, he grew tired of riding on the heavily traveled Rte. 17 so he veered off on a much more secluded road where he saw bald eagles and deer.   He stopped to change the battery in his GPS and was attacked by more wildlife....the biggest mosquitoes he has ever seen.  Having grown up in NJ, the mosquito capital of the US, he was used to dodging these pests but there was no getting away without bites too numerous to count!   I'd take a photo for you but that would make this blog x-rated!

Looking forward to a good seafood dinner (at one of the few restaurants that is open in the area on Sunday) and a relaxing evening.     Tomorrow we hope to travel somewhere north of Myrtle report is great!    Thanks for your interest and support!

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