Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 3 Details


        My first stop after departing Leland today was not really on the way to Fayetteville but the "Jersey Shore Girl" in me had to walk on the beach before heading Northwest.  I found Wrightsville Beach and satisfied that desire before heading up Rte. 40 to the next destination.

    While Glenn pedaled up the bike route, I got on a highway....first time I have seen a 70 mph speed limit since Sunday.   That made for a quick trip until I got off the highway onto NC Rte. 24.   I had a leisurely ride through some different scenery.   First I encountered cotton fields....Glenn did as well on his route.  He mentioned that on other bike rides he has seen wheat, corn, soy, to name a few, but he had never seen a cotton crop from the seat of his bike before.  Maybe we'll pass some tobacco tomorrow?

    The most entertaining thing about my route today was the Thanksgiving theme that became apparent......appropriate with Turkey Day just a month away!   I first noticed that I was entering TURKEY, NC, population of 272 as of 2009.   Imagine my surprise when I realized that I was driving on local road, TURKEY HIGHWAY, and happened to pass BUTTERBALL, LLC.   Shortly, I saw a sign at the HUNTER'S Cafe advertising a TURKEY SHOOT this weekend!  Finally, when passing a Piggly Wiggly, I couldn't believe that there was actually a sale on TURKEY BREASTS going on now!   Of course, tonight Glenn and I had to order a slice of PUMPKIN PIE at a little dessert place in downtown Fayetteville!    Seriously, though, I am thankful that Glenn has the strength and good health to complete each day of this ride and we are both thankful for all of our family and friends who provide so much encouragement and support!

     Besides being an avid biker, Glenn is quite a history buff.  He always keeps an eye out for the historical markers when we travel.  So far on this ride, he saw a marker for the original post road that ran from New England to Georgia dating back to the 1700's and another marker for the southernmost stop of George Washington's tour after the Revolutionary War.  Today he stopped at the Moore's Creek Battlefield which was the where the Loyalists and Patriots fought concluding with the Patriots victory enabling North Carolina to send regiments to the Continental Army.   Much history in this part of the country!

I will never again complain about how close the railroad track is to our condo!
Many people living along Rte. 24 have to watch for trains as they pull into their driveways!

Even my GPS wasn't quite sure where in the southeast I was! 
We have settled in to a hotel in Fayetteville,NC near Fort Bragg.   Today's stats :  88.49 miles in 5 hours and 57 minutes. He did 1536 feet of climbing today and the elevation of our third floor hotel room is 96 feet!

As a reward for one of you who is taking the time to follow the blog, there will be a prize for the first person to add up the mileage of the first three days and email me with the answer!   Tomorrow I will reveal the winner and the dollar amount of my pledge to this point!    Tomorrow we head for Durham!

Carb loading at a local Italian Restaurant!
Energized for Day 4!

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