Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Even Riding 100 Miles beats Working!

Fall in North Carolina

        Yes, Glenn rode another Century today.....100 miles from Fayetteville to Durham...and that's no Bull!  Three things made for a successful day's ride.  For some reason, the directions posted on the East Coast Greenway website for this section of the ride were just posted from north to south, not south to north so it was a bit challenging for Glenn to navigate.  He discovered yesterday that the chosen route was along a designated bike route in NC, route 5.  He was relieved to see that most of the day's ride was included.  But there were many intersections that were not clearly marked so with the use of his bike GPS and Google Maps he was usually able to figure it out.  When this failed, he did something that he usually refuses to do - stopping to ask for directions.  In the town of Fuquay- Varina (can you think of any other hyphenated towns? I guess there is Winston-Salem, must be a North Carolina thing!) He got directions to the police station to get back on track.  Within 12 miles of the endpoint he found a road on the cue sheet but was perplexed that both directions were posted as dead ends.  Someone then gave him directions to the American Tobacco Trail.  This was the first time he got to be on the kind of path he thought he would be riding on often on this venture -a path free of vehicles, somewhat like the Silver Comet trail for those of you familiar with that.  You can see a picture of the trail and the sign for the East Coast Greenway that is posted today. What also made this day was the fact that he had tail winds for much of the day, a biker's friend to say the least.  He also discovered that I-95 served as a boundary from the flat topography of the southern part of the state to the rolling hills further north. It also seemed fitting that having started the day near Fayetteville he ended it by riding a path that was bounded by Fayetteville Road. He completed 100 miles in 6 hours and 31 minutes and rode in on The American Tobacco Trail into Durham, NC to complete the day.   Any guesses as to the elevation he climbed today?
     While Glenn rode I made my way to Durham via Rtes. 95 and 40.....quick and easy ride which allowed me to wander around Durham this afternoon.   My photos will tell the story!

Home of the Durham Bulls
Right across the street from the end point of Glenn's Day 4 ride!
Trivia question:
Who is the only player on Durham Bulls who made it into the Baseball Hall of Fame?
Answer will be revealed tomorrow!

I guess this is the team mascot!

This is the very first East Coast Greenway sign that Glenn has seen
in his entire ride from Key West.

KUDZU.... on the American Tobacco Trail!
For those of you who have not spent time in the south, Kudzu is the vine that has taken over the southeast.  It was brought here from Asia in 1876 and has come to be a menace to trees, crops, homes and covers over 7 million acres!  It grows at the rate of a foot a day and it is said that Southerns have to close their windows at night to keep the Kudzu out!

Some people look at the clouds and see animals or other objects.
Today I did the same thing with Kudzu-covered landscapes!

The first fall foliage I have noticed on this trip!

The American Tobacco Trail
A 22+ miles rails to trails project located in the Triangle Region of NC.
Glenn rode on 6 1/2 miles of this route today.

Still smiling after 100 miles on Day 4!

             We were fortunate to spend the evening with long-time friends and neighbors who live in Durham,  Rowie and Marcia Mandel.   Always fun to catch up and a great way to unwind after a long day!

        Tomorrow should bring us across the NC - Virginia Border!    Now Glenn is saying that we can go further......Tune in to see where we end up!

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