Monday, October 24, 2011

The First Century of 2011!

        For those of you who expressed a desire to make a donation, we have arranged for you to do so online with credit cards by using the I Care I Cure website - link is on the left side of this page (   Go into Donate Now on the top line, click on the star on the bottom left of that page and check the Honor Gift box and list "UNCLE GLENN'S RIDE" where they ask for a name there.  That will assure that Glenn gets credit for the donation toward his goal to be a sponsor for the 2012 race.  You can also mail checks directly to I Care I Cure at address on the website - just be sure to put "Uncle Glenn's Ride" on the memo line or mail them to us.   Thanks so much for your support!  Not necessary now but appreciated! 

        "The Machine", as Seth refers to Glenn these days, rode a CENTURY today - 104.1 miles in 6 hours and 51 minutes from Georgetown, SC to Leland, NC (a town adjacent to Wilmington, NC).  A silly statistic according to his bike computer is that Glenn ascended 2241 feet in elevation while pedaling the 100+ miles very close to sea level!  Those bridges add up!   Scroll down for more......

Lynn's side trip to Pawley Island

The signs are there but there weren't too many bike friendly roads on today's route!

State #4 on the East Coast Greenway South to North Route!

Catching up with Glenn at 1:15 near Calabash, NC just over the state border

Off he goes....heading to Wilmington, NC

        Today's ride on Route 17 took us through Pawley Island, Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach and into the Wilmington area.  On a slow day on the Florida ride, I entertained myself by taking photos of the unique mailboxes along the route.  Today I missed the opportunity to take photos because there was too much traffic but I  kept myself occupied by watching for Pancake Houses (Hot Stacks, Plantation, Omega, Dino's, National - as opposed to International,etc!), Miniature Golf courses (Mayday with a crashed plane in a tree, Moulten Mountain with a volcano with water lava, Pirates Cove with the obvious theme and more), and Fireworks factory outlets!   All were too numerous to count but provided me with a focus!
         I arrived at the hotel in Leland at around 3 PM and Glenn pedaled in just after 4.   We are two for two finding places to stay that satisfy my three prerequisites for internet, free parking and free breakfast!  A delicious French dinner in Wilmington helped to replace some of the calories that Glenn expended today!   Tomorrow's ride seems to be challenging to Glenn since he will have to head west and leave Rte. 17 behind....might also mean some more hilly travel.  We'll see!  Until tomorrow.........

Riverwalk in Wilmington, NC historical area

Cape Fear Glenn is motivated to watch Cape Fear again.  Not me!

Quaint city....but not much time to explore!

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