Friday, November 6, 2015

A Surprise Twist for this Ride!

The SAG (Support And Gear) vehicle is all decked out and ready to go!
Heading out tomorrow!

The bike is all clean and ready to go in the car 
for the 680 mile bike ride!  A new bike computer was 
purchased and is ready to provide stats of the daily rides.   


A new little twist will be added to this ride....never before
attempted by Glenn!    From Friday, November 13 until Sunday,
November 15, Glenn and Jim Beaty will ride unsupported from
Seaside, FL to Mayo, FL while Laurie and I enjoy a few days
of R & R with our friend, Wendy, who will be in town for
a wedding!   Glenn will pull the gear in the bike trailer and 
they will log about 80 miles a day.  Have no fear, blog posts 
will still appear each night....Glenn will be in charge of sending 
photos and stats each day so I can keep you up-to-date!

Donation news!

We are so happy to announce that our donation total 
to date is $2615.00.   This allows us to be a Silver Medal Sponsor
for the I Care I Cure I Run event in February.   If we can make it to
$5000, we can attain Gold Medal Sponsor status!  Every penny we
raise helps to fund research for targeted therapies for
childhood cancer.  No child should have to suffer the way Ian did!

Thanks so very much for your donations and continued 
support!   We love knowing that you are following the
ride each day!  See you from the road tomorrow!

Flashback to the first day of the first
I Care I Cure I Cycle ride.
November, 2009 from Key West!
We've come a long way!  

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