Monday, November 16, 2015

Eat, Sleep, Ride, Repeat!

1- 2 - 3

Our three requirements for places to stay
1- Free wifi, 2 - free parking, 3 - free breakfast were
all checked off last night but in a special way!

We took a break from our usual hotel/motel stops to stay
at the Grady House in High Springs, FL which was built in 1917.

Breakfast at the Grady House B and B.
Our host, Lucie, made Glenn a special early breakfast so
he could get on the road.  Jim would have loved the
egg sandwich oozing with smoked gouda cheese!

Glenn's two fingers up is for 2 days left, 
not bunny ears as I suspected!

Heading to the house from the car for a photo op

Day 8 Begins!

He took off from High Springs, FL at 8:15 AM

Notice Glenn's newest style....taped nose to prevent sunburn.   
His nose, lips and fingers have been ravaged by the 
strong Florida sun this trip.

Cute Grady House accessories everywhere!

My  9 AM breakfast with the other guests included 
eggs florentine!   Thanks to the Grady House and
 Lucie for a quick but relaxing visit.

To pass the time while I waited for Glenn to reach
Gainesville, FL today, I stopped at the Butterfly Rainforest 
at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

It was an amazing habitat for such a large variety of
butterflies.....Every color imaginable!

The rule is that if the butterflies land on you, you don't 
touch them.  You just wait until they fly away!
This one stuck around long enough for me to snap a photo
with my other hand.  To tie this in to the bike ride,
I read that Skipper Butterflies and Sphinx moths can fly
35 miles an hour.....they have Glenn beat! 
Monarchs fly over 2000 miles in their 
lifetimes.....2000 miles less than Glenn bikes in a year!

I had to follow the "do not touch rule" again when a 
butterfly perched itself on my phone while I was doing a 
video.  I forgot to stop the camera so below is a minute of that
experience :)  Someone standing next to me 
snapped the shot above as it was happening

I visited the bike friendly U of F campus in Gainesville today

On the University of Florida Campus, it seems that scooters
outnumber bikes!   I sure wish the students would wear helmets!

"According to state law, those riding a scooter who are younger than 21 must wear 
helmets, and their two-wheeled vehicle must display a registered tag that says, 
“Under 21.” Anyone who is 21 and over and carrying an insurance policy may 
drive a scooter without a helmet."

What we all refer to as Spanish Moss is not moss at all!

Hanging off trees and landscape plants, Spanish moss is a familiar part of 
Florida’s environment. Despite its name, Spanish moss is not a moss 
but a bromeliad—a perennial herb in the pineapple family. Spanish moss is 
commonly found on oak and cypress trees, but can grow on other plants as well.

You'll notice that we have a Share The Road 
plate on the SAG vehicle!   

In GA, individual plates cost $25, and all of the money from the Georgia Bikes! 
plates go to the Governor's Office of Highway Safety for use in educational programs and 
awareness projects that improve motorist and cyclist safety.

Trivia Answer from Yesterday

Several people emailed guesses and they will all
get Logo Pins since I found two answers online!  

Faye Koenig  and  Barbara Green
Pins are headed your way!
Kate Young has a pin but we love you for answering!

The post office lists 15 zip codes for towns named Clarksville, although

three of those are in Tennessee so we'll say that answer is 13.

But here is the information that posted:


  • Clarksville (Alabama)
  • Clarksville (Arkansas) 
  • Clarksville (California) 
  • Clarksville (Delaware) 
  • Clarksville (Florida) 
  • Clarksville (Idaho) 
  • Clarksville (Illinois) 
  • Clarksville (Indiana) 
  • Clarksville (Iowa)
  • Clarksville (Maryland) 
  • Clarksville (Michigan)
  • Clarksville (Missouri) 
  • Clarksville (New Hampshire) 
  • Clarksville (New Jersey) 
  • Clarksville (New York) 
  • Clarksville (Ohio)
  • Clarksville (Oklahoma) 
  • Clarksville (Oregon)
  • Clarksville (Pennsylvania) 
  • Clarksville (Tennessee) 
  • Clarksville (Texas) 
  • Clarksville (Virginia)
  • Georgia also has a Clarkesville but spelled differently :)

    That's a lot of Clarksvilles!

    Ponce de Leon found the Fountain of Youth somewhere around here.
    I'm still searching for it!   Maybe tomorrow!

    There are so few hills in Florida that signs must be
    needed to warn drivers!
    "Hill Blocks View"

    From the beach to farm scenes like this 
    in just a matter of miles!

    We know someone who once mistook these for sheep!
    I can see how that can happen :)

     We haven't seen an Interstate in days and here
    is one that runs right past our home.
    Route 75!

    A Glimpse From Glenn

    What a difference a Day Makes!

    Turns out that Jim was with me for what I consider to have
     been the three most difficult days. The penultimate day (next to the last)
    was just great. I decided that instead of starting where I left off, considering 
    that the scenery was the same, I rode out 18 miles and turned back. I was 
    being considerate of Lynn so she did not have to spend over an hour 
    in the car. This enabled her to enjoy a leisurely breakfast at the B & B. 
    When I completed yesterday's 36 miles deficit, I snacked and then headed 
    off to Palatka. I used the computer which had me on some back country
    roads. I enjoyed going through Gainesville and it had me on a rail to
     trail path to Hawthorne. I finally had some scenery today and even some 
    rolling hills so it was not as boring. Once off the path, I was directed to a 
    dirt route which I declined to take. The major problem today was that 
    my phone battery and booster were out of juice. I guess I forgot the  Boy
    Scout motto of being prepared.  I called Lynn and told her I thought I could
    make it in to the hotel.  I was determined to make tomorrow a short day.  
    As much as I love peanut butter, the thought of having one more sandwich 
    was not bearable.  So I will have a final lunch tomorrow with Lynn 
    and our friends, Cherie and Ron, in St Augustine. 

    I tried to convey to Jim last year how much psychology goes
    into touring. There were points last year and this at which I seriously 
    questioned my ability to finish. Then there are days like today when the 
    endorphins kicked in enabling me to complete such a lengthy ride. So 
    the end is in sight and once I recover can begin to contemplate 
    planning the next segment West of the Mississippi.

    Glenn finally reached our hotel in Palatka, FL at 5:40 PM.
     Sunset is at 5:30 here, hence the use of the light!  He was determined
    to ride long and hard today to make his last day light tomorrow!

    We have been in Gator territory and this is the only
    one that either of us has seen!

    A century ride is a bicycle ride of 100 miles (160.9 km) or more within 12 hours.

    Today was a century day!   113.72 miles in 8:12 hours of 
    riding time at an average of 13.9 mph.  Steep hills account 
    for the 1097 foot ascent and the 5124 calories 
    will need to be replaced soon!

    Jim's total mileage for the three days was 211 miles!
    Way to go, Jim!

    The total mileage for Glenn's 8 days of riding is 643.91!
    It looks like we are going to be pretty close to the 
    680 mile estimated.   Hoping for a quick and easy ride in the
    morning followed by a celebratory lunch in St. Augustine.  

    We'll be heading home tomorrow afternoon/evening so
    the next blog update may not arrive until Wednesday.
     ( Unless I figure out how to do it in the car  :)

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    1. Was that a Colorado flag logo Glenn was wearing yesterday?

      Loved seeing my name spelled "my" way, even if it was because you were talking about That B&B lady.

    2. Hi Lucie,
      That does look like is Colorado Flag shirt....Must have picked it up on one of our trips out there. Next time we are going to see you! Lucie was nice but not as nice as you :)


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