Sunday, November 8, 2015

Laissez les bons temps rouler!" Let the Good Times Roll!

Easy Day in the Big Easy

We were welcomed to New Orleans by these
bike friendly signs and lanes!

We were joined for lunch at Cafe Degas by a college friend 
of our daughter, Jill.  Mirka and her husband, Chris, 
drove 2 1/2 hours from Lafayette, LA
 to meet us and lend support for the ride.  Mirka also
met me for lunch when we were on our way to 
Maine to finish the East Coast Greenway ride in 2013.   
We have such a wonderful support system.  
We love our cheerleaders!   Thanks Mirka and Chris! 

A palm tree....we must be on vacation! 
We haven't been here since before Katrina.
We were so happy to be back and to see that
the city seems to have recovered well.

This was a MUST photo.  Glenn has named this ride the 
"East of the Mississippi" Ride.  Here is the Mississippi and
he'll be riding until he reaches the Atlantic!  Of course, this means
that one day there will have to be a "West of the Mississippi" Ride!

(Behind him is the Natchez Steamboat.  If you've been to NOLA, you know this boat)

When you walk through the French Quarter, it is easy to forget
that you are not somewhere in Europe.  The architecture is
so interesting and distinctive.  Always fun to wander the side streets!

Long line today but worth the wait.  
No stop in NOLA is complete
without Beignets from Cafe Du Monde!

Yesterday's trivia:
What can we buy with the 11 cents we won?

Roz Pinto wins a pin and a Tootsie Pop!
"How about a tootsie pop - 10 cents plus 1 cent tax?  Make mine chocolate!!"

Ready to Let the Good Times Roll
on the bike.....tomorrow!

Biloxi  or Bust!


  1. Looks like lots of fun

  2. So jealous. Beignets at cafe du monde! Truly good times😊if you have time in Biloxi go to the George Ohr museum. The mad potter of Biloxi

  3. Loving the blog... looming forward to catching up with you in Seaside.

  4. Hoping the weather cooperates! Have a great, safe ride and we'll continue to look forward to the blog updates.

    1. Thanks for following the ride! Weather looks great for the next few days!


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