Thursday, November 12, 2015

Pedaling the Panhandle

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We started the day at breakfast with a view at a nearby
coffee shop.....a change from hotel breakfasts.

It's great that the remote for the car doors works at
long distances.  We said our good byes as I finished my breakfast!

Last walk at the Pensacola Beach

Hard to see, but I was trying 
to write I Care I Cure I Cycle.
Each time I finished, it was washed 
away before I could get a photo!

When I sit and write the blog, it is my hope that someone out there is reading
it (and maybe even enjoying it).   I was so touched to get the following email note 
today from a friend and neighbor, Beverly Jones.  I'd love to hear from more 
of you with stories and memories that we might be bringing to mind!

"Hi Lynn,  Well, today you brought a few tears with the wonderful 
sunset scenes at Pensacola Beach.  They brought back so many memories
 of my childhood of the summers spent on the gulf coast.  Having grown
 up in Tallahassee, our family loved the waves, the periwinkles, the porpoises, 
the sandpipers, the sand, and especially the sunsets.  Many times, my mother
 and I took a picnic sandwich to the beach to watch the sun go down.  This 
was long before there were hotels.  We had a concrete  block cottage on 
Mexico Beach.  Thanks for the memories and thanks for your efforts on 
behalf of childhood cancer.  Love, Beverly"

We both had the same idea...flags to show the wind today!

A flag flapping in the wind.  Thankfully, it was a tail wind for Glenn!

From an Irish Blessing:

May the road rise to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face.

Warning:  Do not use generic sunscreen....may cause a RED nose!

Gulf Islands National Seashore

There were no homes or commercial areas on this part of the drive.
In fact, there weren't many cars!

Gulf Islands National Seashore is a park rich in natural resources. 
There are sparkling blue waters, magnificent snowy-white beaches, 
fertile coastal marshes, and beautiful winding nature trails.

Transportation officials say Navarre Beach Bridge is "functionally obsolete".

The bridge was built in 1960. About 7,100 cars use it every day.

Glenn was impressed that his route included a 
newly paved road with a nice wide shoulder.

Right after this smooth ride, he moved onto an old bumpy road,
and got his first (and, hopefully, last) flat tire of the ride!
A quick tire change and a stop at a bike shop 
to pump it up and he was on his way!

Trivia Honorable Mention!

Our nephew, Grant Besner, emailed me today with an answer
to the trivia question.   Late and wrong but such a fun answer 
that he'll get a logo pin!

"The notable historical figure in Biloxi.  Barry Lyons was a catcher for the Mets, I think."

Of course, Glenn would liked to have seen the house where Barry Lyons was born :)

 Made it to the cute town of Seaside, Florida!

If you've seen the movie The Truman Show, you'll recognize
this town square.  More Truman shows photos in the next few days.
By the time we leave, you'll just have to watch the movie!

My kind of bike!  Might have to take it for a whirl!

Lots of great signs today!

Good news for a cyclist!

Good news for a cyclist!

Good news for a cyclist!

Not such good news for cyclists!

Cloudy sunset today but still magnificent!

Our friend, Wendy Kapiloff, joins the ride family
today!    She has always been a great supporter
of I Care I Cure I Cycle and now she gets to
really join the fun!

Jim and Laurie arrived in Seaside tonight!  
Tomorrow Jim and Glenn will set off for
Port St. Joe unsupported!

Tune in for all the details tomorrow night!

The forecast couldn't better!  

Today's ride was quick and easy with thanks to the wind.   
Even the flat tire and the sunburn didn't dampen his spirits!  
He's ready to move on tomorrow! 


  1. Really enjoyed today's blog! Sorry about the red'd think glenn would know better with all the miles he's ridden😉safe ride for Jim and Glenn .

    1. Thanks! He'll be fine :) Your comment came through twice so I just deleted one. Love comments so keep them coming!

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