Monday, November 9, 2015

Biloxi or Bust!

On the Road Again!!!!


Ready to take off from New Orleans just before 8 AM

Quick Video of Glenn riding out this AM

Glenn passed this factory outside of New Orleans.  
He had just seen the George C. Marshall NASA plant 
where external rockets for the launches were made.
He said that if this was "scratch and sniff, you'd smell
the coffee! The NASA workers might have been able to
stay awake to do their work because their coffee 
supply was right down the street.  

Another NASA note.  Although I didn't take a photo,
I passed through the NASA Stennis Buffer Zone.

The John C. Stennis Space Center (SSC) is a NASA rocket testing facility. 
It is located on the banks of the Pearl River at the MississippiLouisiana border.
 As of 2012, it is NASA's largest rocket engine test facility

Our Route Out of Louisiana
Route 90

We both traveled along Rte. 90 from New Orleans to Mississippi.  
While crossing the bridges and bayous through the lake area, 
we found an interesting community.  It seems that this area 
of hundreds of homes are mostly leisure fishing residences.  
Instead of unique mailboxes, they all have named their homes. 
Happily, no one was behind me so I drove slowly and snapped 
a few photos. I can't imagine how devastated this area was after Katrina!

Along one of the roads that Glenn pedaled, there was an unusual road kill.  After researching, when he got to Biloxi, he found that it was a Bobcat.  I asked why he didn't take a photo. He said that he didn't think it was appropriate blog material.....too bloody.  Good thinking!

This was the first sign Glenn saw that let him know 
that he was in Mississippi!

Then he saw this sign below and knew for sure!

So much for the bike GPS knowing where to direct Glenn.   
Good thing my Waze App didn't take me down that dirt road!
The worse part of this for Glenn was the fact 
that he started out with a nice clean bike today! 

When Glenn saw this sign, he knew he was heading in the
right direction!   The end was in sight!

My first view of the Gulf in Pass Christian, MS,
known for possessing some of the finest Oyster reefs in the world.

Almost a gulf view from our Biloxi hotel room!

Many of you, who have followed the blog over the past 6 years, know that I have 
three requirements for places to stay while we are on these bike rides:
Free parking, free internet and free breakfast.   
So far in the three nights we have been on the road, we are 1 for 3.
Hoping to improve that record in the next few days!

Glenn's new bike computer provides us with a great map and stat page. 
 I just learned how to do a screen save to generate this display for you.  Please
let me know if you have trouble reading it!  Yes, it does say that Glenn pedaled
92.95 miles today!  Amazing considering that he hasn't been on his bike in 10 days 
and is recovering from a respiratory bug!   Just a small bite into the 680 mile ride!

You might also be wondering how he ascended 139 feet in this area that is
mostly below sea level....a bridge, he says!

Just in case you are wondering what fueled Glenn today, 
here is what we packed for him to eat on the road:
3 peanut butter and nutella sandwiches,
a bag of chex mix and two clementine oranges,
and his Camelback is always filled to the brim with water!
This wouldn't seem like enough when we see that he used 
4265 calories on the ride today!
SO....he carb loaded tonight at dinner!

Glenn arrived in Biloxi, Mississippi at 3 PM
and felt good!   The weather was great for riding -
cloudy, 65 to 70 degrees, and occasionally a tail wind!

I learned in the last few days that some of you may be
having a difficult time using the donation website. In several 
of the cases, it was because the security code on the bottom 
of the page was misunderstood.  It is not related to your
credit card, it is a number that is shown and has to be copied
in the box so that the system knows that you are a humane
and not a robot :)   If you think that you have made a donation
but have not received an acknowledgement from I Care I Cure
and a thank you note from me, that means that your 
transaction did not go through.  Please let me know 
if you are having a problem and I'll be happy to help!


Thanks to all who have donated or who hope to donate!!!
Together we will help to fund research that will make
the treatment of childhood cancer gentler and more humane!

We have an exciting day planned for tomorrow 
when we'll be joined by a guest rider. 
Hint:  Make new friends but keep the "old"!  
We leave Biloxi and head for Orange Beach, AL!

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