Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ready, Set, Go!

We took off from Atlanta at about 9 AM this morning and headed south
with Slidell, Louisiana as our destination for the day.

We traveled through Alabama and Mississippi before reaching
Slidell at 3:30 PM (Central time).  I missed the MS and LA signs -
probably because I was on my phone playing Words With Friends!

We thought that we would try our luck at our lunch stop,
The Wind Creek Casino.  It was our hope that we would win
a jackpot for I Care I Cure but, as you can see below, we walked 
away with $0.11.  Not enough to donate but it could mean a win
for you if you can find one thing that we could buy for 11 cents today!!!
A logo pin is up for grabs and I'll share the most creative answers!

Just email your answers (or just say hi) to me:

This could be one cotton-pickin' great bike ride!!!!!

Rain, rain go away!  Heading to New Orleans tomorrow and
 hoping that the sun is shining on Monday!  

A Good Omen!

 When we arrived in Slidell, we checked Trip Advisor to find a place to eat dinner. Was it just a coincidence or was it a good omen to find a bicycle themed restaurant and for it to be #1 on the Trip Advisor list?!?!  The comfort food was just what we needed on this rainy night. The owner, KY (Kevin Young) enjoyed our story and told us a few of his own including how the place was under 5 feet of water in the aftermath of Katrina.  He has struggled back and finally feels like he has recovered.  He remembers the building when it was a bike shop and showed us a photo of it in its heyday (below).  

What a fun way to start this adventure!

The owner, Kevin Young, with Glenn

The old photo...notice the tiles on the floor remain in the
following shots of the restaurant today!

Tonight's experience fueled our excitement for this bike ride.  Glenn can't wait to get on his bike on Monday since rain all week in Atlanta has kept him from riding.  We have requested good weather!

Tomorrow will be a Fun Day Sunday in the Big Easy! 

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