Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Alabama is Not "Ferry" Friendly or The Best Laid Plans!

Bye Bye Biloxi!

It was an early morning!
It was a pre-sunrise departure from Biloxi so that we
could catch the 12:30 Ferry from Dauphin Island, 
a distance of 65 miles!  Taking the ferry from
Dauphin Island to Fort Morgan saves significant
time on the bike!

I was in search of a welcome to Biloxi sign.  No luck but I
did find these banners in town on my way out!

Another day, another state! 

Anyone who believes that cows can predict the weather
knows that this is a forecast for rain!  It wasn't a nasty
rain just a light mist all morning.   Glenn was prepared
and it didn't deter him.  The temps stayed between 55 - 60.


This is the long bridge to Dauphin Island.  See A Glimpse 
from Glenn below to hear about our adventure here!

Following signs to the ferry from Dauphin Island, AL 
to Fort Morgan, AL all morning!

A Glimpse From Glenn

Best Laid Plans!

We found out last night, as we were preparing for today's ride that we had miscalculated 
the distance from Biloxi to Dauphin Island, Alabama. This was important as we planned 
to take the 11 am ferry across to Fort Morgan to meet Lynn's friend from childhood, 
Laurie Johnson Myer, who was joining me to ride to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach.  
We had thought that it was about 45 miles but discovered it was 68!   Laurie was 
gracious enough to allow us to take the next ferry departing at 12:30.  As my biological 
clock is still set to the eastern time zone, I thought I could leave at dawn and make it 
with time to spare. I decided to stick to US 90 rather than following the bike computer 
and made pretty good time.  As I was heading to the location of the ferry there were 
several cars heading my way and I thought that had I pedaled a bit faster and had 
Lynn gotten there a bit earlier that we could have made the 11 am ferry after all.   

As I approached the line up area for departing vehicles, I had a sinking feeling 
since there were several traffic cones blocking the entrance.  I got to the loading 
area and someone from the ferry service informed me that the boat had been out 
of service since this past Saturday but would operate tomorrow, which was not 
going to help us today.  We had discussed calling ahead yesterday but 
concluded that since the weather seemed to be fine, why bother.  
Considering that we watch Amazing Race, you would think 
we would not have made such a rookie mistake. 

 I headed back to where the bridge entered the island and got there just before
 Lynn arrived and flagged her down.  We now had to head up and around Mobile 
Bay and come down the other side, an extra 80+ miles!  
You can see this on the map of Alabama as it is the pincer area in the 
left lower corner.  Lynn put the pedal to the metal and we were able 
to make our rendezvous in Fort Morgan on time after all, although not via the ferry.

Stats from Biloxi to Dauphin Island:
The mileage for this first part of the day was really 70 miles, 
the extra 17+were miles logged in the car in Glenn's pocket on our
 way back from Dauphin Island :)

More from Glenn.....
Laurie and I rode the 20+ miles from the Fort to the turn to go to Gulf Shores.  
We got to pass Kiva Dunes where we spent two great family vacations 
(See the picture from our trip in 2011 below).  When I made the left on to Beach Road
 in Gulf Shores, the sky cleared and, for the first time, we actually could see blue skies 
and sun.  We truly enjoyed the afternoon and evening with Laurie and appreciated her efforts in spending time with us.  If our calculations are correct tonight, tomorrow will be
a relatively short day ( too bad that you are not with me for this, Jim ) so maybe we can spend some time on the beach before heading to Pensacola Beach. Florida is about 4 miles away but it is going to take some work to get across the panhandle by next Tuesday.

In Gulf Shores, AL we met up with my childhood friend, 
Laurie Johnson Myer, who lives in nearby Lottie, AL.  
Thanks, Laurie, for the thoughtful"Welcome to Alabama" treat basket!  

Laurie was a great riding buddy for Glenn this afternoon from
Fort Morgan back to Gulf Shores, a total of 20 miles!
Great job, Laurie, and thanks for supporting 
I Care I Cure I Cycle in this special way!

Special memories from our two visits to Kiva Dunes with the
kids then with the the grandkids!   Nice to be in a familiar place!

Kiva Dunes family visit in 2011

Today was a very good day on the road!
Nice wide shoulders and courteous drivers.

Laurie and Glenn finished today's ride just as the sun
finally came out in Orange Beach, Alabama! 

Now THIS is a Gulf View!

Thanks to Neil for our IHG Friends and Family discounts!

Catching up with Laurie at dinner tonight....such great shared
memories of Lakewood, NJ, our hometown!  It was a 
wonderful and long awaited reunion!

The total mileage for today including Biloxi to Dauphin Island 
and Fort Morgan to Orange Beach is 96.84! 
Our kids found a way to describe Glenn on his bike -
  "He is a machine"!!

Trivia for today:

Glenn is disappointed that he didn't get to visit the Biloxi home 
of a very famous person in history.
Who was this person and what is his home called?

Email me if you know the answer.
A logo pin could be yours!


Until tomorrow...........

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