Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Last Day was a Fast Day!

It was a more leisurely morning since the last ride 
was only about 32 miles.  Glenn left our hotel in
Palatka, FL at about 8:45 AM.

One last ride!

One last bridge?

Over the St. John River in Palatka

(Turns out there was another bridge to reach St. Augustine
but there isn't a photo of it)

I happened to catch up with Glenn on the road and
made sure that he didn't need anything.
He was off again with a plan to meet me 
at the beach to complete the ride.
Still 20 miles more from this point!

Off on his way!

Crossed under Route 95, knowing that we'd be
back to drive home later in the day!
Some drizzle and clouds kept the morning
more comfortable for Glenn

Almost there!!

I made it to St. Augustine Beach first and had a few
minutes to enjoy the view before Glenn arrived for
the real exciting moment!

The Seagulls were plentiful and loud for me!

Glenn arrived just before 11:30 AM making this the
shortest and fastest (in time) ride of the journey!

This was the moment that Glenn had been waiting for 
since departing from the Mississippi River in New
 Orleans on Monday, November 9th.  Reaching the Atlantic
 Ocean seemed like it might be a pipe dream on those difficult 
days! He was quick to get his feet in the water(but no bike
was hurt in the process)!  What a sense of accomplishment!

After 9 days of eating peanut butter all day on the road,
Glenn was hoping for a real lunch today.  He even remarked 
that he would love Ahi Tuna.   Happily, that was a choice
on the menu at the restaurant chosen by our friends!

  We were so happy that a longtime friend of mine,
Cherie Wilson and her husband, Ron, were
able to join us for our celebratory meal at the
end of the ride.  Now I realize we should have had
champagne to toast the completion!

Day 9's statistics from Palatka, FL to St. Augustine Beach, FL
32.75 miles in 2:14:20 minutes!
The Last Day was a Fast Day!
He traveled at 14.6 mph and only
ascended 86 feet (probably the bridges again :)
I'm sure his lunch took care of the
1457 calories that he expended!

We made it home at 7:20 PM tonight 
after traveling 676.66 days by bike 
and 1699 miles by car!

Thanks so much for your words of encouragement and support!
Watch for another blog post on Thursday when I'll
announce the total donations and have some
final words from Glenn.

The ride is done but our work to raise funds
for I Care I Cure continues.

Today, I put a post on Facebook and Instagram
that I will repeat for those of you who may not
have seen it.

We haven't made our donation to I Care I Cure for the bike ride yet so we 
would like to match any donations made from now until midnight tonight. 
(we'll extend it until 8 AM tomorrow for you)

Just click on this link to go straight to our donation page. Help us fund 
research for targeted therapies for childhood cancer! 
No amount is too small....or too large 

smile emoticon
Click here to donate now!


  1. Glenn and Lynn what a great adventure for such a good cause. I am in awe! Kudos to Jim and Laurie as well. This has been a great Team effort!

  2. Thanks so much for your support and advice! Happy to be home but I'm sure Glenn will be planning some new adventure soon!


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