Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Al Roker is Following Us!

If you watch the Today Show in the morning, you are aware that,
as part of Rokerthon2, Al Roker will travel to all 50 states and 
the District of Columbia in just seven days as he tries for the
Guinness Book of World Records title for the fastest time to report
a weather forecast.  His Veteran's Day trip through the Gulf Coast
included stops in Slidell, LA, Biloxi, MS, Mobile, AL and Pensacola, FL!
Tell me he is not following us!  We didn't see him but we know for
 sure that he didn't do his tour on a bicycle!

Since the ride from Orange Beach to
Pensacola Beach was relatively short today, 
we had a more leisurely morning than usual.
We had our free breakfast then walked on the beach!

Very frantic footprints in the sand. 
Those birds were running around in circles!

And here they are below!

Almost as many human footprints in the sand!

Could this be the culprit?

Actually, Glenn is waving across the gulf to my sister and
brother-in-law, Laurie and Jim Beaty, who live in Dunedin, FL!
They will head to Seaside tomorrow so that Jim can join 
Glenn on the road Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  You might
remember that Jim and Laurie did the Seattle to San Francisco
ride with us in August 2014.  Thanks to them for joining us again!

Dolphins at Orange Beach!
Double click on the video to see the full screen version.
Don't blink or you might miss them!

Our hotel had a sense of humor.  This sign was posted 
on the beach as you head back to the hotel! 

At 9:15 AM, Glenn readied his bike for today's ride. The
daily routine includes checking the tires 
and putting on all his gear!

Notice I made it into this least my shadow did!

Heading out to Pensacola Beach!

No, that is not rain on my windshield in the photo below!
I had to sit under a sprinkler to capture this sign!

Florida truly was the Sunshine State today!
Sunny, light wind, blue sky and in the low 70's!

Not a wide lane but a designated bike lane.
We'll take what we can get!

You might recall that Glenn's GPS sent him down a dirt 
road on Monday. Well, today, in honor of Veteran's Day, 
it wanted him to go through the Pensacola Naval Air Station.  
The guard had other thoughts about that! Glenn didn't have 
the proper clearance to enter much less to pedal the 
miles the GPS wanted him do on the base.  GPS FAIL!   
He did manage to navigate around the base and 
he made it to Pensacola Beach!

I went a  few blocks out of my way just to get this shot!
It is not everywhere that you see a beach ball water tower!

Glenn arrived at our hotel at 12:40 PM.  
It was an easy ride as a reward for two 90+ mile days!
An afternoon of R & R was just what he needed!

This is the view from our 10th floor room!
Who knew that a Holiday Inn would look like this!
There was no question that I was going to try that lazy river!

VERY early sunset here....4:45 PM today.
Just as we get used to the central time zone, it will 
be time to head home.

Here are the stats and map for today's ride. 
For many of us, 42 miles is an epic ride.   
For Glenn, it is just a warm up!

Glenn's biggest disappointment today was the fact that 
this restaurant where we ate dinner did not have anything 
at all to do with Dr. Suess, one of his favorite authors!

Yesterday's Trivia

We had three logo pin winners - Sue Rothstein, Barbara Todaro and
Kate Young, who wrote this blurb about the winning answer!

Beauvoir is the historic post-war home of Jefferson Davis, former 
President of the Confederate States of America. After his death, 
it was sold to the Sons of Confederate Veterans of Mississippi 
with the stipulation that it be used as a Confederate state veterans 
home. It was used as such until 1953, with the death of the last 
Confederate veteran in Mississippi, and now serves as a memorial to Davis.

Thanks to Kate for her help with this today!

We are so grateful for your donations and moral support!
The new total for donations is $3137.00!

Click here to donate :)

Tomorrow we head to Seaside, FL.   If you have 
seen the movie, The Truman Show, you got a 
glimpse of this quaint coastal town where it was filmed.  
I just watched it again in preparation for the trip and 
enjoyed it for a second time! 
 Photos from there in the next few days!     

A scene from the movie

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  1. I spotted some beach (sea) glass in that shot you took of the sand... do you collect it? I love finding the different colors. So pretty.


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