Friday, November 13, 2015

Have Trailer Will Travel!

The long awaited and never before
attempted unsupported trailer day!

There was a chill in the air this AM when
Glenn and Jim departed from our Seaside  rental cottage 
at 7:30 AM.   An early morning visit to our home's
tower made for a great start to the day!

Thanks, Jim, for joining Glenn for these three days!
It helps to know that he won't be alone on the road!!


This roundabout is featured in an important scene of the movie in which Truman finally realizes everyone in the town of Seahaven is “in on something” against him. In the movie, Truman whirls around and around the Tupelo Street roundabout.

A Glimpse from Glenn

As we were getting going today I realized that today is 
Friday the 13th. I can honestly say nothing bad happened. 
This was the first time I have hauled a bike trailer and 
getting buffeted by the wind in Panama City Beach was 
a real challenge. We, then, turned towards the South and 
had a tail wind which helped. You know what they say 
about boys and their toys.   We both enjoyed the jets
taking off and circling overhead at Tyndall AFB.  I 
needed the stops anyway. It turns out that the hotel
Lynn found was about 3-4 miles south of town. We 
were happy to take a cab to and from dinner.  Lynn, 
ever the help even at a distance, had a recommendation 
for dinner and we both enjoyed our meals. We missed the 
sunset but the town has a westward view which must 
make it fantastic. We did get to see the Crescent moon 
over the water. Unfortunately, we don't have a picture to 
show for it. How relevant that my ride started in the Crescent 
City and now we have a moon to match. We are both ready 
to call it a day and have a slightly longer day tomorrow. 

Glenn's Photos From the Day

Back on Rte. 98

There must be a car rally in Pensacola beach this weekend. 
One of many cars we had seen 

This is an amusement park in Panama City Beach 

 Tyndall Air Force Base is a United States Air Force Base located 12 miles east of
 Panama City, Florida. The base was named in honor of World War I pilot 
1st Lt Frank Benjamin Tyndall.

Someone  is getting into trouble!

Set your clocks ahead an hour!

The exhausted riders arrived at about 4 PM!

The Bridge into Port St. Joe.

Since Glenn's computer is not here for me to sync it 
to get the map and stats, we'll go back to the old way 
to get this news to you:

Seaside, FL to Port St. Joe, FL

They pedaled 72.7 miles in 6 hours and 13 minutes
Th average speed was 11.67 mph and 
the maximum speed was 26.85 mph
(that was down from the top of a bridge!)
They used 2907 calories and ascended 1456 feet
(again bridge related)

Tomorrow they will ride from Port St. Joe to Crawfordville, FL

Jottings by Jim

Last year Glenn coaxed me into the west coast ride with...
"If you can ride 30 miles, you can do 60".  This time it was...
"If you can ride 60 miles, you can do 80".  I am supposed
 to be the salesman in the family, not him!  So today was 73, 
and flat as it was, I am bushed!    Really, Glenn did the heavy
lifting by towing that contraption holding our stuff.  I call it 
"the Great Equalizer".  I might have over packed a tad... toting 
that thing didn't look easy.  For me, the pace was perfect, 
and it was perfect weather.  Sunny and cool.  The last 10 
miles were a killer though.  Why?  Because I get fixated on 
being almost done.  And then every effort seems bothersome,
 unnecessary, shouldn't this be over yet?  Today those 10 miles
 took almost an hour, so the quick finish was a mirage, a false
 hope.  Some of you may know that I can get cranky when tired 
and hungry. So I turn to the master for enlightenment, for more 
Zen of Glenn.  I noticed that while Glenn has this fancy GPS, he 
only chooses to display the path close ahead.  He doesn't choose
 to display how much time is left, like I would. Just one foot in 
front of the other, push along, and enjoy the sunset.

And a beautiful sunset it was.

Below are Jim's photos of today's ride

No kids in that trailer....just gear!

Panama City's Mall!

An attraction in Panama City with 100+ hands-on science exhibits 
plus laser tag, a ropes course & a 6D motion ride

The small coastal community of Mexico Beach, located 20 miles east of Panama City on 
Florida's Undiscovered Gulf Coast, is a serene destination

While the Cats are Away, the Mice will Play!

Just in case you are wondering what the ladies did today :)

Enjoying the cute shops in Central Square, the hub of Seaside

Tupelo Pavillion, our entrance to the glorious beach

Another day, another beautiful sunset!

The Red Bar

Thanks to Seth for his  dinner suggestion
Very interesting and eclectic place with great food
and live music.   Lots of locals!

Laurie's wonderful panoramic shot at sunset!

Thanks to Laurie and Jim's friend, Melissa Hale, for this
incredible photo that she took and agreed to share with us!


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  1. Way to go, Glenn and Jim! Great to see all the photos and hear about your tales. BTW, that was an F-22 "Raptor" in your video; a pretty rare sight!


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